126 GHz Radar level transmitter and gauge

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Product Specification ::

126 GHz FM ( frequency modulated) Radar level transmitter and gauge :

@VUK - FMR -126 Radar  is like VUK, its able to find anything at anywhere and any condition, Its has not effected by night, light, temp, vacuume, pressure, fume, dust, evaporation, Boilling Liquid,  corrosive, ----

The general principle of frequency-modulated continuous wave radar level gauge: the radar emits electromagnetic waves on the top of the tank. The electromagnetic waves are received by the radar after being reflected by the medium. The frequency difference δf between the received signal and the transmitted signal is proportional to the distance R of the medium surface: R = C (speed) * δf (frequency difference) / 2 / K (frequency modulation slope). Since the speed of light C and the frequency-modulated slope K are known, the frequency difference δf is estimated, and the distance R of the surface of the radar installation position can be obtained. Then, the known space height of the tank is subtracted from the radar to the material surface. Empty height), the height of the material level is obtained.

Common specification :

Measuring medium    ?Solid /Liquid/powder /---

Measuring Range       ? 0.3m~150m 

Process  Connection   ?Flange/ thread

Process  Temperature ? -40?250?

Process  Pressure        ? -0.1?0.3/4MPa

Antenna  Size             ?32mm -78mm  lens antenna                          

Antenna material        : PTFE / S.S./other

Accuracy                    ? ±1mm   

Protection  Level        ? IP67

Frequency                   ? 123GHz

Launch angle               : 3 °

Power  Supply             ?Two-wire / DC 24V

                                         Four-wire / DC 12~24V

                                         Four-wire / AC 220V

Outer Covering?Aluminum/ Plastic/ Stainless steel

Signal output?Two-wire / 4...20mA / Hart protocol


                       Four-wire/ 4...20mA / Modbus-RS485

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Product Features ::


1. Millimeter-wave radar, with a measurement accuracy of up to ± 2mm and a minimum blind area of 0.05m.
    2. Smaller antenna size to meet the measurement of more working conditions.
    3. A variety of lens antennas, smaller emission angles, more concentrated energy, and stronger echo signals, so it has higher reliability than other radar products under the  
        same industrial and mining conditions.
     4. It has stronger penetrability and can be used normally under the condition of adhesion and condensation.
     5. ATVUK-FMR  series products have larger dynamic signal range and more stable measurement for low dielectric constant media.
     6. Multiple measurement modes, the radar response time is less than 1S in the fast measurement mode.

Range ::

Measurable product:
? Solid measurement
Low dielectric constant plastic particles

? Liquid measurement
---- Reactor level
----Large steam level
----Foam product level
----Crystal product level
----Ultra high temperature product level
----Ultra high-pressure product level
----Hygienic product level

Product Applications ::

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