26 GHZ radar level transmitter for water

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Product Specification ::

26 GHZ Radar Level Transmitter and gauge specially design for water level measurment and control for River, Dam, Lake, Pond, shoal, 

26 GHZ frequncy radar has higher accuracy, repatability than 6 GHZ radar, 

Radar level gauge common specification :

Application                 : Rivers, Lakes, Shoal
Measuring Range        : Maximum 30/70 meters
Process Connection     : Thread G1½ A″ /Frame /Flange
Temperature                : -40? ~ 100?
Process Pressure         : Normal pressure
Precision                     : ± 3mm
Frequency Range        : 26GHz
Protection Grade         : IP67 / IP65
Power Supply              : (6 - 24V) DC  / Four-wire
                                       24V DC / Two  wire
The Signal output        :  RS485 / Modbus  ( 6~24V  DC)
                                     4~20mA / Hart  Two  wire ( 24V DC)

The Scene Display       : Optional
Outer Covering             : Aluminum / Plastic /Single chamber

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Product Features ::

26 GHZ radar level transmitter for water

 -   Radar level meter adopts a recommended industry emission frequency of 26GHz, so it has beam angle is small, concentrated energy, has stronger anti-interference  ability and greatly improves the precision and reliability of measurement.

-    Small antenna size, easy to install and dustproof cover antenna protection device.

-    Light weight about 1KG, easy to install.

-    The measurement range of up to 70 meters, covering a large reservoir water level measurement.

-    With a variety of output circuit interface and data acquisition system.

-    The pulse working mode, radar level meter transmit power is very low, no harm to human body and environment.


Range ::

26 GHZ radar level transmitter for water Has two model

ATVUK-PMR -26 -LH-70 -------- maximum range up to 70 meter
ATVUK-PMR -26 -LH-30 -------- maximum range up to 30 meter

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