Ultrasonic flow meter with remote display


Model No ::


Product Specification ::

ATVUK SFM RPW Ultrasonic flow meters are applicable to measure liquid flow in industrial application, 
Flow meter available with  
wall-mounted Weatherproof type enclosure,
wall mounted ex-proof type, 
panel mount type and inline display type, 

Also RPW Series flow meter suitable with  clamp on type and  insertion typeflow transducer, 

Comon specification of Hand held sonic flow meter :

Principle    : Transit -time sonic flow meter
accuracy   : 1%
Display      :  LCD backlight display
Output       : RS 485/ pulse/4 to 20mA/relay
Input : 3 way 4-20mA , for pressure, temperature and  
Data logger : external SD card - 2GB ( Optional)
Flow rate   :0 to +/- 7 m/s
power supply :  8 to 36 v dc/ 85 to 264 v ac
Transducer     : IP-67 / EX

Pipe material : Steel, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Copper, Cement pipe, PVC, Aluminum, Glass steel product, liner is allowed

For more detail please conatct company or download cateloge,

Product Features ::

ATVUK SFM RPW Ultrasonic flow meters avaialble with special features asbellow :

High Reliability  

                Adopt low voltage, multi-pulse technology to improve accuracy, useful life and reliability. 

Wide measuring range

                 Several types transducer for selection, pipe size from Dn15mm to Dn6000mm 

High Reliability

                 Adopt low voltage, multi-pulse technology to improve accuracy, useful life and reliability. 

Strong Anti-interference 

                  Dual - balance signal differential receiver/driver circuit to avoid interference of converter, TV tower,

                   high voltage line etc .

Powerful  Recording  Function


                  Automatically  recording  the  following  data :

                  1. The totalizer data of the last 512 days/128 months/10 years

                  2. The time and corresponding flow rate  of  the  last 64 times  of  power  on  and  off  events

                  3. The working status of the last 32 days


Support Heat Measurement

                    Connect the temperature transducer , can finish the heat/energy measurement

                 Support SD card Memory 

                     O p t i o n a l  S D  c a r d

Range ::

Ultrasonic flow meter with remote/ panel mount display range as bellow
clamp on transducer : DN 15 to DN100 / DN 50 to 700/ DN 300 to 6000
insert type transducer : DN 80 to DN 6000
inline pipe : DN 15 to DN 6000

Product Applications ::

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