Ultrasonic level transmitter with HART output


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BROTEK Ultrasonic level meter with HART 4 to 20 mA output (measure material level, liquid level) is a non-contact, Inbuilt  temperature measurement & Compensation, high reliability, high cost performance, easy to install and  easy to maintain level measurement instrument. It can meet most of the level measurement requirements without touching  the medium. It is a new generation ultrasonic level meter with full independent property rights developed by BROTEK  after many years of hard work. 

 Ultrasonic level transmitter with HART ouptut Technical Detail

Function       :        Integrated

Range            :     5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters

Measurement accuracy  : 0.5% -1.0%

Resolution : 3mm or 0.1% (whichever is greater)

Display  : English LCD,

              : level in graph and figure,

              : Temperature of medium , output current and distance of level and % of level

              : self check and indicate and alarm : signal strength, hardware fail, echo loss, excessive noise,


Analog output  : HART, 2-wire 4 ? 20mA / 250Ω load

Relay Output  :   None

Power supply Standard :  24VDC

Ambient temperature :   Display instrument -20 ? + 60 ?,    Probe -20 ? + 80 ?

Communication       :       None

Degree of protection : Display instrument IP65, probe IP68

Probe cable :    None


Probe installation :   Based on range and probe selection

Product Features ::

Ultrasonic level meter has Self compensation and alarm again Radio frequency and noise

Ultrasonic probe is nano coated and anti condensate

Inbuilt temperature sensor for measure and compensate Temperature

Three cavity explosion proof Enclosure

HART output

Range ::

Brotel ultrasonic level gauge or meter or transmitter is certieid by : EC / SIL / WEATHERPROOF ,

Explosion proof : EXD IIC T6 Gb, Certificate no : CCRI 17, 1007,

Safety Certificate : Class : SIL-3, Certificate No: 2j/1019

Protection : IP 66

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