6 GHZ Radar Level Gauge Transmitter

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Product Specification ::

6GHz Radar level gauge and tranmitter is suitable for liquid, paste, granule and block material level and non-contact measurement, suitable for changes in temperature, pressure big; there is an inert gas and volatile.

The measurement method of microwave pulse, can work normally in the industrial frequency band range. The beam energy is low, can be installed on all kinds of metal, non-metallic container or pipe, no harm to human body and environment.

6GHZ radar level gauge and tranmitter common specification :


Explosion-proof Grade: Exia IIC T6 Ga/ Exd  IIC T6 Gb / IP65/IP67

Measuring Range:  maximum 35 meter 

Antenna : Rod / Horn  (PTFE / S.S. / SPECIAL METAL)

Frequency: 6 GHz

Temperature: -40?~400? 

Measurement Precision: ± 10mm 

Process Pressure: (-0.1 ~ 4) MPa

The Signal Output: (4 ~ 20) mA/HART

The Scene Display: Four LCD /Can be programmed

Power Source: Two-wire (DC24V)  / Four-wire DC24V/AC220V

Repeatability: ± 1mm 

Outer Covering: Aluminum / Plastic / Stainless steel

Connection: flange/ thread ( PTFE / S.S. / other)

Suitable for Medium: Liquid / solid/powder 
                                 : corrosive liquid / acid/ alkaline 
                                 : viscous and pasty liquid 

For more detail model no wise please check cateloge or contact company 

Product Features ::

Brotek 6GHZ radar level gauge with inbuid tarnmitter available with HART/4 TO 20mA / RS 485 output, alaso available PTFE/PVDF/ METAL antenna for all liquid/solid and powder,

Range ::

Brotek 6GHZ radar level transmitter and gauge model no wise maximum measuring level range as bellow :

PMR-601 20m Liquid
PMR-602 20mLiquid
PMR-603 35m
PMR-604 35m
PMR-605 20m
PMR-606 15m
Measurement interval About 1s (depending on the parameter settings)
Adjustment time About 1s (depending on the parameter settings)
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy 10mm &?0.1%

Product Applications ::

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