Vibrating Tuning fork level switch with digital display

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Brotek Smart Vibrating tuning fork Level switch available with inbuilt programming display to set switching point against Piezoelectric crystal frequency, fork body is excited by a piezoelectric crystal, so that the fork body is in a resonance state. When the fork contacts the material, the resonance frequency will change significantly. The internal electronic unit detects the frequency of the fork body and after processing, converts it into a relay or a PNP switch output.

Vibrating tuning fork level switch technical detail

Power supply voltage  :  12 ~ 30VDC /  110 ~ 220VAC (only for relay output type)

Output                                          :Relay DPDT 8A 250VAC /  PNP output: 50mA, 24V / Frequency output: 0 ~ 2000Hz (24V)

Working temperature of medium :Short fork body: -30 ? 150 ?, Long fork body: -30 ~ 250 ?

Density range                               :Liquid ≥600 kg / m3,    solid powder: ≥100 kg / m3

Liquid viscosity                           : 0.2 ? 10000cp

Switching delay                           : adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds

Switch mode                                : upper or lower limit alarm (user set)

Hysteresis (water)                        : ± 1mm

Maximum operating pressure      : ≤1Mpa

Connection method                      : Thread: 3/4 "NPT /Thread: G1 / 2/Flange (user specified)/

                                           Sanitary fittings: Accessories: 2 ”(51mm) Tri-Clamp connector/  1” BSPP (G) O-ring seal material

Enclosure Material                      : die-cast aluminum alloy ( IP 66) ( EX d II CT6)

Fork body material                      :  316 stainless steel /  316 stainless steel, Teflon surface

Fork body vibration frequency    : Short fork body: 1400 ± 50HZ /   Long fork body: 330 ± 50HZ


Environmental vibration level     : acceleration is not greater than 1g

Product Features ::

BROTEK vibrating tuning fork level switch is really smart because its has bellow future,

-Real-time display of fork frequency value, easy to find faults such as fork wear early
-Supports both long and short tuning fork shapes for a wide range of applications.
-Not affected by flow, foam, turbulence, floating foam, vibration, solid content, hanging materials, liquid characteristics and media changes.
-No need for on-site calibration, convenient installation.
-Self-diagnostic function :  check and display other diagnostic information such as frequency, temperature, voltage and current.
-Easy to set: Sensitivity and alarm delay can be easily set by pressing the button
-The "quick dripping" tuning fork shape design of the short fork body makes the system respond faster and is suitable for viscous liquids.

Range ::

Smart tuning fork switch is equipped with a variety of durable stainless steel tuning fork forks, which can detect the level of the storage tank or pipeline. It is suitable for various liquids, powders, granular solids, and can be installed in pipelines or storage tanks through threads and flanges. It can be installed on the food industry facility through sanitary connections.

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