level switch

BROTEK India has all in one, universal, intelligent RF admittance microwave Frequency sweep level switch, microwave field  generate

alarm when measuring point inserting few millimeters in to the medium, also its not effect by foam condensate and residue,

by using microwave measuring principle possible to detect a conductive and non conductive medium from: liquid, solid

and solid powder. Output of switch only when measuring point is completely cover by medium, also its measuring point

has no dead end and is hygienic so level switch is suitable for CIP (Clean-in-Place), WIP (Wash-in-Place) and

SIP (Sterilization-in-Place), available with different process connection as per industries requirement, and different

temperature version for set up to 200 deg C

Flow Switch


BROTEK India has all in one, universal, intelligent Thermal flow switch, Its probe with heating element and two

temperature sensor, when no flow both thermal sensor has fix temperature difference, and during flow, flow rate

is directly proportional of temp. difference of thermal sensors,  Temperature difference signal measuring and

control by high precision processor and when its reach at fixed set point switching contact change over,

Thermal flow switch is mass flow rate switch so its measure and control liquid, air and gas with same precision,

Level transmitter

Brotek india has two in one level and temperature measurement by ultrasonic transmitter, its also available with HART 4 TO 20, only 4 to 20 mA output,