Guide Wave Radar Level Meter & Transmitter


Model No ::


Product Specification ::

Brotek Guide wave radar level tranmitter available with single cable/ double cable/ single road/ coaxial tube / PTFE or PVDF coating cable and rod type Antenna, 

Guidewave radar level transmitter and meter available with 24v dc/ 230 v ac power supply, also avilabl with HART/ 4 to 20 mA output,

Guide wave radat level transmitter with IP-65/67/ Exia IIC T6 Ga/Exd IIC T6 Gb   

Principle : 

High-frequency microwave pulses issued by the guided wave radar propagate along detection components (steel cable or steel rod), met the media to be measured, since the dielectric constant of the mutation, cause reflections, a portion of the pulse energy is reflected back. Transmit pulse and the reflected pulse is proportional to the distance and the time interval measured media.

Common technical specification :

Suitable for Medium    : Liquid, solid powder 

Explosion-proof Grade :  Exia IIC T6 Ga/Exd IIC T6 Gb

Measuring Range         : up to 30m

Frequency                   : 500MHz-1.8GHz

Accuracy                     : ±10mm

Process Temperature:?-40?400??

Process pressure      :?-0.1?40?MPa

Signal output           :?4?20?mA/HART

The Scene Display    : Four LCD/Can be programmed

Power Source           : Two-wire (DC24V)


Shell                       : Aluminum /Plastic

Connection: Flange  / Thread
Antenna                  : single cable/ double cable/ single road/ coaxial tube
                                 / PTFE or PVDF coating cable and rod 

Application   : Liquid / solid /powder measure,
                       : Acids/ Bases / alkaline / other corrosive media
                       : cement silo powder/ Ash powder 
Measuring No ion water, deoxygenated water  

Form more detail please contact company for detail cateloge with model no,


Product Features ::

Guided wave radar level meter can be used in a variety of complex conditions. As a result of advanced microprocessor and unique Discovery echo processing technology, 

Because of the type of process connections and detection components, making PMR G Series Guided Wave Radar Level Meter is suitable for a variety of complex conditions and applications.
Such as: high temperature, high pressure and low dielectric constant media.

Pulsed work, guided wave radar level instruments transmit power is very low, can be installed in a variety of metals, non-metallic container, no harm to humans and the environment.

Range ::

Brotek Guide wave radar level transmitter model no wise maximum measuring level range as bellow :

Max Measurement Distance
PMR-101 30m/6m?Cable /Rod?
PMR-102 20m/6m?Cable /Rod?
PMR-103 30m/6m?Cable /Rod?
PMR-104 6 m
PMR-105 15m/6m?Cable /Rod?
Measurement Interval About 1sec (Depend on parameter settings)
Adjustment Time About 1sec (Depend on parameter settings)
Resolution of Display 1mm
Accuracy ±10mm(See the accuracy illustration diagram below)

Product Applications ::

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