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The ATVUK SFM HH transit time flowmeter utilizes two transducers that function as both ultrasonic transmitters and receivers. The transducers are clamped on the outside of a closed pipe at a specific distance from each other. 

   The transducers can be mounted in V-method where the sound transverses the pipe twice, or W-method where the sound transversesthe pipe  four times, or in Z-method where the transducers are mounted on opposite sides of the pipe and the sound crosses the pipe once. This selection of the mounting method depends on pipe and liquid characteristics. 

      The flow meter operates by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers and measuring the transit time that it takes for sound to travel between the two transducers.  The difference in the transit  time measured is directly and exactly related to the velocity of the liquid in the pipe

@vuk Handheld ultrasonic flow meter is non contact, Batttery operated flow meter with inbuild data logger and RS 232 o/p,

Hand held sonic flow meter available with optional clamp on transducer:

1) Line size wise : 
     DN 15 -- DN 100 
     DN 50 -- DN 700
     DN 300 -- DN 6000 

2) Measuring temperature wise :
    -30 to 90 deg C
    -30 TO 160 DEG C

Comon specification of Hand held sonic flow meter :

Principle    : Transit -time sonic flow meter
accuracy   : 1%
Display      :  LCD backlight display
output       : RS 232
Flow rate   :0 to +/- 10 m/s
power supply : AAA 3 Ni-MH battery, 1.2 v 
                    : 12 hour operation
                    : 90v-260 v ac charger
Dimension     : 200*93*32 mm
Transducer     : IP-67
Pipe material : Steel, Stainless steel, Cast iron, Copper, Cement pipe, PVC, Aluminum, Glass steel product, liner is allowed

For more detail please conatct company or download cateloge,

Product Features ::

---Brotek @VUK Handheld ultrasonic flow meter accuracy better than 1%, linearity better than : 0.5%, repeatability better than : 0.2% 

-- small size and light weight easy to handle, 

-- available with many lengauge

-- built in data logger : store over : 2000 line data,

-- no pressure drop, no effect of liquid corosion, no contact

-- available with mounting clamp bracket

Range ::

Handheld ultrasonic flow meter available with three range of
ultrasonic transducer :
1) Line size wise :
DN 15 -- DN 100
DN 50 -- DN 700
DN 300 -- DN 6000

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