High temperature Frequency sweep Microwave level switch

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RF Admittance Microwave Intelligent Heavy duty level switch is specially design for EXPLOSION and High temperature application, hevay duty RF Level Switch Available with customer base process conection like : Thread, tri-clamp, sanitary clamp, welding sleeve, flange etc,  also this switch availble up to 200 deg temp range,

Microwave level switch for all medium because through frequency sweep technology you able to select switching point as per medium requirement,                                   

RF Admittance Microwave Intelligent level switch 

Material : Enclosure and Connection : S.S. 316L

              : Measuring point   : PEEK

Switch delay : 0 to 3 second

Output : NO, NC, NPN, PNP

Power supply : 12 to 33 v dc, ideal : 24v dc

Power consumption : less than 33 mA

Protection: IP 66

Pressure Limit : 10 bar

Temperature limit :   1) -40 to 150 degc

                               2) -40 to 200 deg c

Process connection : Thread, tri-clamp,

                                   sanitary clamp,

                                   welding sleeve

Weight : 0.3 kg

Product Features ::

Brotek Frequency sweep  microwave level switch available with EX, CE, SIL & ip66/67 APROVAL,

Available up to 200 deg c temperature application,

Range ::

RF admittance, frequency sweep microwave level switch is best option for level control of solid, powder and liquid, its also not effect by liquid conductivity, viscosity, and liquid with foam,
due to its universal measurement design its use again vibrate fork, capacitance and float level switch,

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